Better Late Than Never

by No Advisory

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After years of saying it would happen No Advisory FINALLY released this album. Fast dirty punk, melodic guitar driven songs, up beat ska, and everything else you guys wanted.


released September 15, 2015

No Advisory is:

Jake Reinig: Guitar/Vocals
David Dross: Bass/ Vocals
Zach Allende: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Hunter Haggy: Drums

Recorded at: No 2nd Thought Studios and My Buddy's Place Studios.

Mastered By: Jake Reinig

Additional backing vocals: Connor Bloore (What's Left?), Kari Myers, Simon Beck (Despicable Good Guys), Ross Rocco, Tyler Hayden (What's Left?), Kayla Paolini, and Colton Dunn.

Album Art By: Karla Coronado

Produced By: No Advisory



all rights reserved


No Advisory Simi Valley

Los Angeles punk rock that has been tolerable since 2006!

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Track Name: Proximity Trigger
I hope you see this
I hope you hear this
I'm going to stand my ground
I'm not some doormat for you to step on now
I'm sick of the anger and the pain
I'm done playing your stupid fucking game
I want you gone
I'll give you to the count of three to move on

Fuck you, leave me alone
Fuck you, leave me alone

I can see you
You can't see me
I'm sick of all your pride
You can't see what you've done to me
Cause you're so fucking blind
You can't help but brag about all your stupid shit
I used to think you were all my friends
But I'm so fucking done with it

Fuck you

Fucking asshole!
Track Name: Indifferent
Take a look at where society is going now
Is it in the right direction?
Taking numbers while we run ourselves into the ground
Is this really what it's come to?

The real conspiracy is following the latest trend
Is this what we're calling progress?
In a city where your enemy becomes your friend
Do we really know what's going on?

It's not that I am jaded
It's not like I expect the worst
And if I seem indifferent
It's just cause I can't care less
Track Name: Shenanigans
Sunset starts to glow, melts into snow
I'd rather ditch class, then try to pass
Firecrackers, bottle rockets
Wait for things to blow
Don't make us run
We're just trying to have some fun

To have some fun (we are just trying)
To have some fun
Don't make us run
Don't make us run

Hit your friend in the nuts, laugh in his face
Steal from the store, go steal some more
Join a band or be a fan
Either way it's grand
Track Name: C.H.F.Y
9 times out of 10
I don't know where the road will end
I assume it goes on forever
I'd venture a guess but I'm not that clever
24 hours ago I'd say
"Maybe it'll end tomorrow"
But you've just changed lanes

You keep drawing new lines
And it's been throwing me off time
I can't ever keep up you see
Is this the way it has to be
We've got all this time to say
Everything will go our way
Last night's fashions gone today
Second chorus is here to say "Fuck you!"
Track Name: Murderer By The Sheets
In the land of hypocrisy
We're all cogs for the bureaucracy
No one cares about you or me
Foggy dreams of what is free
Dusty circles don't cure what ales
Shooting, stabbing, posting bail
Riddle me yes, but joke me not
The blood of freedom has started to clot

We listen to them say
We have to make things change
We won't turn our backs
To look the other way
I think I'm missing something
This all seems too strange
Why can't you hear me?
Just free us from this cage

Feed the minds but not the pockets
Ransacked streets and lost false prophets
Monday, Friday, 9 to 5
Fight and kill to stay alive
Fallen angels sell redemption
One more blade to cut the tension
Corporate greed causes the body to rot
Religious leaders abolish free thought
Track Name: Bite Your Tongue
These words are in no order
I'm not a fan of shame
But when we laugh, when we dance, nothing feels the same
where will we go with ice beneath our feet?
A never ending circle the darkness was so sweet.

I see your at a loss for words, but time is running out.
You bite your tongue so hard
Your eyes so full of doubt
I can't stand here waiting
For a mind that's ever changing
Your mouth so full of blood
I must be fucking crazy

Sometimes I hear the crying
For attention and for love
For a better lack of trying, I feel that I'am dying
Traveling through mountains
To come after me
But with the trance I got no chance
My soul you'll never see
Track Name: Look At My Fupa
I hate old people
Fucking blue hair get off my lawn
Call the police, we disturb the peace
All these people make me sick

Let's set them on fire

I hate old people
Wearing their fucking pants too fucking high
Givin' me that stupid fucking stare
All these people make me sick
Track Name: Mary Goes Around
Mary goes around
Yes she goes around, oh
Mary gets around
Yes she gets around

Mary was a tramp
Wore it like a stamp
She'd flaunt her craze in many ways
Her lips were always damp

Mary goes around
Yes she goes around, oh
Mary gets around
Yes she gets around

Mary was a slut
Always a dick in her cunt
She'd walk around with her tube top down
Every guy fucked her in the butt
Track Name: Where Have All The Punkers Gone?
Giant mohawks, leather vests, post bail for my third arrest
M.C. Clements said it best, "Where have all the punkers gone?"
Shitty voices, four-chord songs, f-bombs dropping all night long
Moshing circles can't be wrong, "Where have all the punkers gone?"

Metal heads are on the run, hardcore pits have all the fun
Emo, screamo, its been done, "Where have all the punkers gone?"
Rise above conformity, fuck all your authority
I guess we are a dying breed, "Where have all the punkers gone?"

"Where have all the punkers gone?"
Track Name: I Don't Think So Tim
A punk rulebook is a contradiction
Your approval is not a valid incentive
You keep saying to open your eyes
But this is what happens when punk gains perspective

You're all liars and hypocrites
There is no justification
You only hear what you wanna hear
You could just change the station
Open your eyes
You're all the same
Keep that it mind
While you're placing blame

Blacklisted like I was wrong
You can have my punk card if it makes you feel better
You claim to be an individual
But you expect one sound followed to the letter

You're all liars and hypocrites
There is no justification
You only hear what you wanna hear
And that's just masturbation
Open your eyes
You're all the same
Keep that it mind
While you're placing blame
Track Name: The Occupant
Contemplate every moment here
Every word I've said
All these thoughts I spent so long with
Finally left my head
Presumptuous to assume
I've even made a dent
But this is all I have left
My luck's all been spent

I, I'm not so afraid
To face reality
To watch the time go
This, this won't be enough
As sand slips through glass
Our caskets overflow

Pouring out of me, once again
I am all alone
Every step I take down this path
Leaves me on my own
If this is all that there is
Then I guess so it must be
That every moment carries more weight
And that's okay with me