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This album is a split between two Simi Valley punk rock bands, Bootleg Brigade & No Advisory.

Recorded and mixed by Black Sands Studios.

Album art by Matt Weilert, it's his butt and Photoshop skills.


released June 16, 2012

Bootleg Brigade:
Austin Boutell - Vocals
Eliel Herr - Guitar
Nathan Bush - Bass
Simon Beck - Drums

No Advisory:
Skinny Dave - Bass, Vocals
Statutory Jake - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Weenie - Drums , Vocals



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No Advisory Simi Valley

Los Angeles punk rock that has been tolerable since 2006!

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Track Name: Look At My Fupa
I hate old people
Fucking blue hair get off my lawn
Call the police, we disturb the peace
All these people make me sick

FUCK IT! Let's set them on fire
I fucking hate old people

I hate old people
Wearing their fucking pants too fucking high
Givin' me that stupid fucking stare
All these people make me sick
Track Name: Proximity Trigger
I hope you see this
I hope you hear this
I'm going to stand my ground
I'm not some doormat for you to step on now
Im sick of the anger and the all the pain
I'm done playing your stupid fucking game.
I want you gone
I'll give you to the count of three to move on

Fuck you, leave me alone
Fuck you, leave me alone

I can see you
You can't see me
I'm sick of all your pride
You can't see what you've done to me
Cause you're so fucking blind
You can't help but brag about all your stupid shit
I used to think you were all my friends
But I'm so fucking done with it
Track Name: Andy Brinker & The Soul Skaters
Do what you you say, say what you want
I am the one that you want
You say those words to drag me down
So just shut up, don't make a sound

The way you deceive is like a disease
It infects my mind, you want me eager to please
Your regard for me changes day after day
You leave me with nothing to say (pause for roll/bell)

Promises are lies that drag you to the ground
So shut your fucking mouth, I don't want you around
Do what you say, don't say what you'll do
You're so full of shit, I know none of its true

Let's see who you are today
I wish you'd just go away

Go away!

Come on now, you're doing it again
I hope you never thought we were friends
You're everyone else in every single way
Lets see who you are today